Motorcycle Accidents

Little Protection

Motorcycle accidents typically result in very serious injuries and sometimes even the death of the motorcycle rider. These accidents are hard for everyone involved and an experienced attorney will be there to fight for the motorcycle rider. Motorcycle accidents are much worst for many reasons especially because the motorcyclist is exposed to the elements and unlike in a car accident that’s protected by crumple zones, seat-belts, airbags, the motorcyclist is only protected by a helmet, and sometimes leather apparel.

Design Hazards

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by other negligent drivers, however, they can also be caused by unsafe design. Motorcyclists need sufficient time to react to changing road conditions and poorly maintained or designed roads can significantly hinder the rider’s ability to do so.

Some typical design hazards include:

  • Blind Corners
  • Lack of warning
  • Low curbs
  • Poorly placed speed bumps
  • Culverts
  • Landscaping
  • Poorly lit streets
  • Traffic Islands with no night visibility
  • And uncovered drainage pits
  • Cobble stones or pavers

Product Defects

Motorcycle injuries can also be caused by product defects. An example of this is that certain Harley-Davidson motorcycles have had bad assembly, manufacturing, and design defects that can and have led to death and serious injuries.

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